Toyota Brake Maintenance

Brakes are a crucial element of every vehicle and keeping you and our family safe on the road. But with continuous use, they tend to wear out, and sometimes the wear goes undetected. That's why you must get your brakes checked by a professional technician regularly. Whether you own a new or used Toyota, make sure you get a brake inspection done by Toyota factory trained technicians.

How Frequently Should You Get Your Brakes Serviced?

Brake inspections are carried out with every B service. This ensures that your Toyota is safe on the road protecting yourself and your passengers.

For a proper brake maintenance session, the wheels and tires of your vehicle are removed. This allows the Toyota factory trained technician to assess all components of the braking system completely.

Factors Affecting the Braking System

Multiple factors affect the life expectancy and functionality of the braking system. Some of these include:

  • Driving habits greatly affect the expected life of brake linings and wearable friction material. These components aren't affected by mileage.

  • Rust buildup can considerably damage the braking system, regardless of how long the car has been in use. By cleaning and removing rust, the brakes can continue functioning as normal. Additionally, lubrication of pad slides and shims and adjustment and cleaning of brake shoes also help improve the lifespan.

  • Not replacing brake fluids can also affect the system. Poor quality brake fluids can adversely affect stopping distance and pedal.

Brake Maintenance at Crown Toyota

If your Toyota car requires a brake inspection or maintenance, Crown Toyota is always ready to help. From brake pads, lining and shoes, to caliper and brake fluids, our experts can inspect, maintain and repair any part that may be damaged.

Schedule brake maintenance for your Toyota vehicle today by calling us at (204) 269-9686.