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Toyota Connected Services

Have you ever thought about buying a Toyota, but aren’t sure if it’s the right brand for you? With a lot more to offer than just a vehicle, Toyota gives you the ability to use Toyota Connected Services. Toyota launched this intelligent technology in 2020 for select cars. Toyota Connected Services provides you with many features such as safety, entertainment, assistance, and way more. Another nifty feature is that you can handle all the services from the comfort of your phone.

Toyota App

Toyota app is a smartphone app that connects you to everything Connected Services by Toyota has to offer.

Remote Connect

Start the engine, lock or unlock the doors and more from your smartphone using the Toyota App.

Service Connect

Keep your Toyota in peak condition with access to warning light notifications and vehicle health reports

Wireless Apple CarPlay TM

Wireless CarPlay allows for a more convenient way to access your iPhone features while staying focused on the road.

Wireless Android Auto TM

Wireless Android Auto allows for a more convenient way to access your Android smartphone features while staying focused on the road.

Toyota Safety Connect

Emergency SOS assistance and enhanced roadside assistance should you encounter trouble while you are on the road.

Drive Connect

Enjoy Cloud Navigation with real-time updates, Intelligent Assistant that responds to natural voice commands, and Destination Assist with 24/7 access to a live response agent.

Sirius XM Radio

Whether it’s in the car, online or on the SiriusXM app, SiriusXM is playing anywhere you are. It’s never been easier to tune in to the entertainment you love, anywhere you go.

Digital Key

Digital Key allows your phone to act just like a key fob allowing you to lock/unlock your vehicle, and you can tack the lock/unlock status of your vehicle using the Toyota App.

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