How to Drive in Fall Construction

September 12th, 2019 by

The snow hasn’t fallen yet, and Winnipeg is still in construction season! Driving through construction zones in the fall has their own problems such as a change in speed limits or larger crews. Here are our tips to safe driving in Winnipeg construction zones. 
Cold Construction Workers 
The first difficulty in driving around constructions zones is that workers are getting colder. This is a difficulty because while workers are trying to find ways to keep warm, they may wear larger sweaters, or be standing closer to equipment to keep warm. It is especially important to watch out for construction working standing un unexpected places in the colder months. Use your sensors and mirrors to help you watch out for road workers. 
Changes in Lanes 
Construction carries into the fall with a different kind of motivation. Road work is speeding up to finish on time, and many construction projects in Winnipeg plan to prepare for the snow in the fall. Lanes may change directions now that the focus has shifted. Keep your eyes peeled for lane changes and slow down. 
Speed Limits 
Along with lane changes, speed limits also change in the fall thanks to school zones. Remember to slow down to avoid fines. Just because the speed limit was fifty yesterday doesn’t mean it can’t be thirty today. Stay alert and read the signs. 
Creeping Critters 
Many animals start exploring new ways to find food in the fall which may lead to them crossing roads. Not only are you watching out for people, but deer, raccoons, and even wandering geese may be close by. Watch for moving things while driving in the fall, especially at dusk when animals tend to accidentally wander onto the road more often.  

Fall Uh-Ohs
Colder weather caused your vehicles to react differently than in the warmer months. The pothole you regularly drive over can cause issued if your vehicle is cold and stiff, or your conventional oil may not perform well in the cold. Don’t leave your vehicle out in the cold. Visit our service shop to keep your vehicle in top condition.
Do you have your own fall construction driving tips? Leave them in the comment section below! 
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