How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, colourless, and tasteless gas commonly released by gas-powered vehicles through the exhaust. While Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is uncommon, it can be very dangerous. Here are our tips to help prevent carbon monoxide or other gas poisonings at home in your garage. 



1) Do not Run Vehicles with Doors Closed 

If you wish to start your car before you leave, open your garage door while running it.  


2) Open Your Garage Doors 

Our shops often keep their doors open during the warmer months. This allows for fresh air to enter the shop. Open your garage doors if you are using any hazardous goods or open flames. 

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3) Purchase and Maintain Gas Alarms 

Look for alarms that can detect a vary of gasses. Carbon Monoxide is not the only gas that can be harmful. Place your alarms near appliances and away from windows or doors and test yearly. Batteries should be replaced every three to five years. 



3) Store Dangerous Goods in a Safe Location 

Dangerous Goods should be kept off the floor and away from foot traffic. Storage Cabinets are the safest way to keep these goods. Hazmat containers can be purchased, but all you need is to keep the goods out of the heat and out of reach. 



4) Install a Ventilation System 

Many people prefer to spend time in their garage working on various projects, but it is important to take precaution if it a regular pastime. Work with your garage doors open and run a ventilation system to give you provide you with fresh air. 


If you are working in your garage for long periods of time, let others know where you will be, and how long you intend to work. If possible, have someone check in with you every hour to assure you are safe. 



5) Do Not Charge Batteries Inside 

Many people are unaware of this, but batteries should never be charged inside the home or garage. Batteries can leak other types of gasses that can be dangerous to your health, as well as can overheat and cause a fire. 



6) Regular Inspections 

Vehicle inspections are important to keeping you safe from possible poisoning. Visit your shop to assure your vehicle is in good shape with no leaks. 



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Remember: If you are experiencing headaches, dizziness, or vision problems, get into fresh air immediately.  




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