How to Save Your Vehicle From Winnipeg’s Worst Roads

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         CAA Manitoba has released their 2019 Worst Roads survey this week. Unsurprisingly, Winnipeggers love to talk about how terrible their roads are but there aren’t enough being fixed to meet the demand. These roads can cause unnecessary damage to their vehicles, not to mention delays in traffic.

Do you regularly drive down poor roads? Here some things you can do to protect your vehicle from extra wear and tear.

1) Slow Down
            Slower speeds give your vehicles’ system a better chance to catch up with the stress. Advanced safety features such will help keep your vehicle safe, but slower speeds reduce the shock.

2) Lighten Your Load
          Heavier vehicles will make hitting bumps seem worse than usual. If you don’t need it in your vehicle take it out. Extra weight causes more wear on your shocks. If you drive a heavier vehicle down poor roads on a regular basis you may need more maintenance on your shocks than the average vehicle. This may not affect your vehicle too much if you’re a regular car on the road, but if you’ve been storing firewood in the back of your truck you may notice a difference.

3) Regular Maintenance
         We can’t stress enough that taking care of your vehicle will help protect it from much larger damages and costly repairs down the road. Mention to your advisor if you regularly travel down rough roads so they can inform your technician. They can look out for wear on your suspension or steering abnormalities.
Driving down these roads could mean your vehicle requires frequent wheel alignments and tire rotation. Speak to your advisor about what’s best for you and your vehicle.

“Just by looking at a vehicle we can tell if you regularly drive over potholes. The worst the road, the more wear-and-tear.”
Chris Lane
Service Manager

4) Watch Out for Construction
          On occasion, the city decides to repair roads. When they do repairs watch out for workers, construction equipment and changes in the road’s direction. Stay alert for changes to avoid making a sharp turn or braking at the last minute.

5) Tougher Vehicles
           If you’re trying to drive down Empress in a lowered car, chances are your vehicle will take more damage than an SUV or truck would. A higher vehicle with larger tires will help you grip the road. Newer technologies will help protect your vehicle from more damage.
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