Mastering Cold Weather Driving: A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Your Vehicle's 12V Battery

Mastering Cold Weather Driving: A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Your Vehicle's 12V Battery

Living in a colder climate requires thoughtful preparation for your vehicle, especially as winter approaches. While changing to winter tires, installing winter wiper blades, and ensuring an ample supply of windshield washer fluid are common steps, it's equally crucial to focus on the health of your 12-volt battery to tackle the challenges posed by colder temperatures.



Toyota Batteries and Cold Weather

The 12V battery in your vehicle serves multiple functions, powering essential systems such as climate control, infotainment, lights, and more. Proactive maintenance, preparation, and awareness of potential issues are key to keeping your battery performing optimally during the colder months.


Why Winter Is Tough on Car Batteries

Cold temperatures, particularly at 0ºC and below, can significantly reduce a battery's strength. The battery has to work harder to generate and retain the charge needed to start the vehicle, sustain the engine, and supply power to various systems. Additionally, if your battery is approaching its 4.5- to 5-year lifespan, it becomes more challenging for it to function efficiently, increasing the risk of a dead battery.


Attention to Toyota Electrified Vehicles

Even Toyota Electrified vehicles (EV) with their advanced technology feature 12V batteries under the hood. These batteries are affected by cold weather and require the same care and preparation as traditional gas vehicles.


Preparing Your Vehicle's Battery for Winter

While we can't control the weather, we can take steps to prepare for it. Schedule a 12V Battery Health Check at Crown Toyota, where Toyota University Trained Technicians will inspect and evaluate your battery's condition, as well as assess the electrical charging system. If a replacement is needed, a Toyota Premium Battery will be installed, ensuring optimal performance and reliability with the right specifications.


Whether you drive a gas vehicle or an Electric Vehicle, Toyota University Trained Technicians will conduct a 12V Battery Health Check during your 24-month or 36,000 km service appointment.



Additional Tips for Cold Weather Battery Care

  • Check battery terminals for corrosion, as healthy batteries can be compromised by corroded terminals.
  • Turn off accessories like the radio and lights when not in use to prevent unnecessary battery drainage.
  • Avoid disconnecting the battery if your vehicle will be idle for an extended period.
  • Keep a winter safety kit, including jumper cables, in your vehicle.
  • Utilize Toyota Roadside Assistance for services like battery boosting, towing, and tire changing.



Take Charge This Winter

Armed with a better understanding of 12V batteries, you can confidently navigate the winter season. If unsure about your battery's condition, book a 12V Battery Health Check at Crown Toyota and let a Toyota University Trained Technician provide a thorough inspection. For any questions or concerns about your battery or vehicle, trust the expertise of Toyota professionals.

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