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My dad naps in his truck almost every day during his lunch break. He claims that he gets his best sleep in his driver’s seat but I was skeptical. Like father, like daughter, I would try napping during my lunch break when I was tired, but I never was comfortable enough to fall asleep, so I researched ways to get the best sleep in your car. I tried out a few of the internet’s suggestions to see if I could achieve the level of sleep my dad was able to achieve. 


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Sleeping in your car is not a new idea. Many car manufacturers used to brag about how easy it was for whole families to sleep in their cars. Modern cars are made to be compact because car camping doesn’t have the same appeal but what happens when you want a short nap?



The Packing List:

Depending on how long you plan on sleeping, you will need different things. If you are taking a short road trip or just taking a good nap, here are the things you will want to bring:

1) Pillows 

2) One large, heavy blanket to lay underneath you

3) Two or Three blankets, varying in weight

4) Water


This is just the bare minimum for a small slumber. If you are planning on sleeping in your car during a road trip there are other things you will need to bring along. 


Now on to the actual nap. My dad likes to nap in his parking lot at work, but that doesn’t work for me at a car dealership. To successfully nap in your car the location needs to be quiet and without a lot of foot traffic. You should also let someone you know where you are just in case you forget to set your alarm.



Here’s what worked and what didn’t work for me: 


Letting Down the Driver’s Seat: WORKS! (Kind of) 


This may work in some cars for shorter naps, but there’s no way I would be able to spend a whole night that way. If you are a restless sleeper every toss and turn will wake you up due to the close quarters. The steering wheel also causes issues with close quarters and can result in many bumps to the knee. 

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Laying in the Backseat: DOESN’T WORK! 

I am only 5’2, but there is NO WAY anyone older than six can get comfortable laying in the backseat. Backseats of cars are getting smaller, but people are getting taller. I do not suggest this method of sleeping in your car. 

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Folding the Backseats Down: WORKS! 

This is by far the most comfortable way to sleep in your car. This is the car equivalent of camping in a truck bed, but with more cushioning 


BONUS: Car Tent 


While I did not have one on hand, there are tents that can be attached to your car to create an outdoor living space. This would be the ideal way to sleep “in” your car and is an easy camping option. If you are looking for an easy way to nap in your car, we can help you out with a car tent. 




The Verdict: 

While I still did not achieve my “best sleep” like my dad in my car, I can confidently say I now know it’s possible to get an “ok” nap with effort.  







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