Seasonal Check-Up

Seasonal Check-Up

Winter is cold, snowy, and full of surprises. Although it may not seem to ever stop snowing in Winnipeg, we are starting to say hello to spring. While the changing of seasons sounds exciting, it’s also a good time to check in on the condition of your car. Winter can be rough on our vehicle and to make sure you are ready to get back out there, scheduling a doctor’s check-up for your Toyota is a good step in the right direction.

Here are some things to consider as we move into spring:

Wheel Alignment


If you’ve had to drive down tight neighbourhood streets a week after a snowfall, you’ll know what I am talking about. Winter streets, especially this year, have been rough to drive on without worrying about rattling your vehicle apart with our tire-tracked, icy, and bumpy streets. You may not even notice that your wheel alignment is off but if it is, it can lead to poor handling, reduced tire life, and uneven tire wear. The easiest way to tell is if your vehicle pulls to one side when driving or if you have uneven tire wear. Checking this can save you a lot of money on tires.


Checking Your Fluids


Like winter preparation, spring is no different when it comes to your fluids. Make sure to check your windshield wiper fluid for temperature suggestions as well as your oil levels and condition for optimal performance. It may be time to schedule a spring oil change with Dilawri’s Crown Toyota’s service team before it gets too busy.



While the snow may still be falling, starting to think about a tire swap isn’t a bad idea. When spring finally comes, winter tires will begin to have less and less benefits with increased tire wear, higher fuel consumption, and more. Making the switch to all-season tires when it’s time is your best bet. They offer better stability, better responsiveness, and overall better handling on the warmer pavement while still allowing you to drive confidently in both wet and dry weather conditions. Like a winter tire swap, 7 degrees is the magic number. When temperatures are warmer than this, winter tire benefits will start to dwindle.

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