Tire Infinity and Beyond

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The world of wheels seems to have stopped turning to the average consumer’s eyes but new technologies are being discovered every day.  
People have been trying to reinvent the wheel for centuries despite the popular expression. Some companies have invested heavily in blending today’s technology with one of man’s oldest inventions resulting in curious innovations. 
The first segment of new tires is what I am calling Moving Parts. Reinventing the wheel is no easy task but there are some new ideas rolling around. 
1) Airless Tires 
These tires are a dream come true for many drivers. Airless tires allow for tires to last longer without fearing of a puncture. Their unique shape also gives drivers an advantage when driving over uneven terrain. We can expect this type of tire to be used by avid off-roaders in the future. 
Some examples of airless tires in the works include the Airless Concept Tire from Bridgestone and the Puncture Proof Tire from Michelin.  

FUN FACT: The Michelin Star system was created by French tire company Michelin Tires to rank restaurants. They guided motorists of which restaurants were worth driving to through a system of one to three stars. 
2) Omni Directional Tires 
Vehicle Mechanics stress the importance of rotating your tires to prevent uneven wear and tear, but this may no longer be a concern with these scale-like tires. A tire that can move by itself was invented by an Ontario man may be the key to improved mobility.  

These tires have individual moving parts that allows for it to move sideways. While these are still in a prototype phase, the public can expect the invention to inspire tires that can adjust to the road instead of your shocks doing all the work. 

3) Puncture Proof
Driving home only to discover you have a nail lodged in your tires is not only annoying, but also expensive. Tires made of tougher materials may not be the answer. Cycling companies have been investing in tires that are puncture-resistant and hopefully, the automotive industry will follow their lead. 
Smart Tires 
Computing technology has skyrocketed in the past thirty years, allowing for better communication. Vehicles have recently advanced in these fields, including tires.  
1) Retractable Studs  
Recently tires have been created to be able to sense the ice and deploy when are needed. These tires are still being tested, but they could save roads from unnecessary damage.

2) Sensors 
Tires with sensors are being developed where the tire can tell what the road conditions are like, read it back to the car, and adjust the tire itself to adapt to the changes. 
The next step in tire tech is sustainable tire materials. Tires that are made from recycled materials are still not available, but many companies have been sourcing sustainable materials such as sugar cane. The growing movement of sustainable business practices in North America has also led to companies considering all aspects of their production, not just the material used.  
Recycled Tires 
The final stage for many tires is the dump. Millions of used tires can be found abandoned in dumps, but recent DIY and home improvement trends are changing the game. Old Tires are being repurposed into many things, not just an old tire swing in the backyard. 
Companies are shredding used tires to create new materials, such as softer playground surfaces or artificial turf called Crumb Rubber. Many communities are welcoming the re-tirement. 
Pinterest’s DIY craze has also inspired new used for tires. From ottomans to planters, tires can have a new life in your home. 

These tires may not be available for years to come, but our tire experts can help you find the most advanced sets to fit your vehicle and driving conditions. Contact us to learn more!
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